Machining PartThe elaboration of detailed drawings is an essential, time consuming process, occupying the drafters and engineers of every manufacturing/research (study) company. In most cases the completion of the drawing process is confronting time limitations, resulting to a risk of acquiring deficient drawings. Also, during the preparation of a quotation, when the undertaking of the project is uncertain, the preparation of manufacturing drawings is a high cost process. Necova, acting as an external cooperator for any interested manufacturing company, has the ability to face all above problems and prepare in time and with low cost all necessary drawings. The know-how and low cost services of Necova are guaranteed by its vast and long experience in the design and drafting of machined, cast and sheet metal components. Necova also offers the service of three dimensional part design, which helps the manufacturers conceptualize their products easily. The elaboration of detailed drawings is a service that can also be offered over the Internet, leading to additional cost reduction for the cooperating companies.

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