Τhe capability of designing products is a specialized task. For any given company, the field of research, design and development of these products is more often than not of high cost, mainly when it is not required to produce a wide range of products, or when the products in question are not required to be produced in high frequency. For this reason, most companies in the field seek cooperation and support by specialized product development companies. Necova provides this capability in cooperation with a company to study and design the development of any related product. Regarding the optimization of the final outcome as top priority, if offers geometrical three-dimensional (3D) design and simulation of the product so that it is studied in detail both in terms of engineering and ergonomically. Furthermore, Necova provides the capability of industrialization of the product, by producing the list of required construction materials (BOM) and drawing the necessary plans for assembly. In conclusion, Necova offers a service of managing the sum of plans mentioned above thus further enabling their coming to life.

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