PVEstimation Software

PVEstimation LogoThe PVEstimation software developed by Necova and estimates the production of an Off-Grid and On-Grid Photovoltaic (PV) Park and makes financial analysis in order to evaluate the investment Risk by resulting the Payback time, the Net Present Value (NPV), the Benefit-Cost ratio (B/C or PI) and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) indexes. The PVEstimation software includes libraries with many data (Irradiation and Ambient Temperature) from many Greek towns and also gives the opportunity to the user to add customization data and to add any town in the World. Also includes data with a lot of Photovoltaic Panels and Batteries and also give the opportunity to the user where he/she could add new equipment data. Finally with the PVEstimation software a user could make a techno-economical study for an Off-Grid Photovoltaic system new installation to a building by calculating the householder energy needs, to a Road Light and to a Pump system by also calculating the necessary energy needs. Commercial agent for the PVEstimation software is the 3DR Engineering Software Ltd (http://www.3dr.eu/products/pvestimation).

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