ID-GC Industry Disruptors-Game

Necova IKE participated in the ID-GC competition for the CleanTech Open Ideas sector awards and was selected as one of the five best ideas. At the event held at Athens Concert Hall we presented our idea to expert judges and received positive reviews.

Incubo Future Scope 2013

Necova IKE participated in the Future Scope 2013 competition for the energy sector awards and won the first prize, οffered by the company Ellaktor S.A. Representatives from powerful energy sector companies attended the event.

Greek Entrepreneurship Award

Necova IKE took part in the Greek Entrepreneurship Prize competition, the most important institution for Greek entrepreneurship, an initiative of Libra Group. We succeeded to win a place among the ten best ideas claiming the contest prize. Our proposal stood out from a thousand other proposals evaluated. We met notable supporters of the institution and its organizers during a thrifty ceremony held at hotel "Grande Bretagne".

MIW Make Innovation Work- Athens Stock Exchange-Hellenic- American Chamber of Commerce

Necova IKE presented its business concept in MIW competition and succeeded to be one of the three best ideas in the energy sector. As a result of this distinction a contact of our company with the Athens Stock Exchange and the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce began.

Chrysalis Leap – Cyprus

After evaluating ideas related to energy Chrysalis Leap organized a Bootcamp in order to highlight the best three teams which would represent Greece and Cyprus in the European Competition CleanLaunchpad conducted in Valencia, Spain. Necova IKE was one of the three groups representing Greece and Cyprus in the European Competition at Spain

CleanLaunchpad 2014 – ClimateKic

Necova IKE participated in the contest for green energy CleanLaunchpad 2014. Groups from all over Europe with the common goal of energy efficiency took part in the event. Our idea was among the best 30 ideas for Europe

Climate-KIC – The NetherLands

Necova succeeded in highlighting the innovation of its idea, the company’s business extroversion and its contribution to environmental protection by participating in the Climate-KIC program in Netherlands. The 18 month business training program includes the development of the idea and its promotion to the market, with an initial capital of up to 95,000 euros.